maxresdefaultLiving our lives during the Millennial year is full of surprises.

Advance Technology have made our lives more convenient that most of us can do multiple things all at the same time. We could communicate with people from the other side of the world that as if they are just a few steps away from us.We could perform task with just a click of an icon. We could go around without exerting much effort and/or doesn’t require any physical strength.We could know what’s happening around the world with just scrolling down from our tablets or mobile phones that seems to be attached to our hands 24/7.

Because of these advances, It allows us to see, explore, listen, discover, and at the same time JUDGE one another instantly. Suddenly, we become critics on how things should be done or what should be done. Throwing blame at one another instead of combining our knowledge to solve the issues we are now facing.

Instead of sharing stories about how great it is to come and explore each other’s country, Violence, Hate, Racism, and Chaos are the topics you’ll be reading from any social or media sites.

News from all over the world have become depressing rather than exciting, I’m afraid for the younger generation that will be the successor of our failures and problems if we don’t solve them NOW.

How sad it is to see children suffering from wars, Mothers weeping because of violence, men fighting against their own government.

I’m not ranting here don’t get me wrong. I’m just sad how the world is today.

I’m from the Philippines, but currently living in Dubai. Stories and news I hear about my own country makes me scared to go back home. Even though life there is more fun as our slogan says ” It’s more fun in the Philippines“, but coming face to face with the reality that could come at me when I step foot considering the Unemployment rate, Traffic that could cause you your precious time, violence of people killing each other and accepting the fact that the government is not that well managed sends shivers down my spine.

60% of me wants to go home to my family, cherish the moments I could spend with them during the weekends, exploring the beautiful islands my country treasures, laugh and have an adventure with my friends who I have known for so long, but the 40% of me is afraid of how will my future be if I go back to the chaotic world I have to face in order for me to make a living.

I know I’m not alone with this kind of question in mind. We all want to be home, but we have to sacrifice in order for us to live peacefully.







Living inside the BOX called”COMFORT ZONE”

Leaving something behind is never really easy unless you’ve experience something undesirable or unfortunate that you wish you can escape and forget everything about it.

Let’s begin with a story of how I ended up writing a blog about “COMFORT ZONE”

“COMFORT ZONE” is a place where you feel at EASE. Where you know every single corners of the area you live in. All the people, how things work, where or why things happen,etc. In short, this is the place where you literally memorized everything that happens around you. There’s gonna be a time where you will get BORED of it because everything seems to happen a routine manner. There will be days that you can predict what would happen and how are you gonna solve it. You’ll feel like you’re living a life inside a box or you’re still taking that same road where the pavements are already fucked up.There’s no excitement, no adventure, seldom comes a time where you will have to think about how to get out of a certain situation that can result as an achievement in your end cause you’ve learned something new.


Now let’s begin.


I live a very normal life, nothing extraordinary. I have a very supportive family that I only catch up with during the weekends, friends and colleagues who are crazy enough to fill in the excitements of my day-offs and WORK. I have worked for almost 3 years with my previous company. I was so used to this routine that it seems like it has been planned to be that way. Work was not exciting anymore even though I get to travel to different parts of the metro and provinces (Auditor for a mall), the weekends are often the same (spent watching disney channel coz of my little niece), and  I was not easy to meet up with friends and I didn’t have the guts to meet enough new people to stir up my environment (curse the traffic jam in Manila)


When I was spending one day at home, I downloaded this app that let’s you meet people. We’ll at first, It was just for entertainment purposes but I didn’t really met up with the people I matched with.Our generation today is no stranger to these kind of apps like skout, tinder, or couch surfing, We you can strike up a conversation to  anyone you have made connections with or whatsoever. There I found my game-changer.

During a convo, he had asked a very life-realization question ” How do you see yourself a few years from now?”. That really made me think hard, then i just said “well, I like my life right now, and i’m pretty happy how things are”.I then returned the question to him and his answer really impressed me. He wanted to reach new heights when it comes to his career. He wanted to OWN the things most of us just dream of having. Then I got curious, I asked him “HOW?” How are you gonna do it? What could you do now in order for you to reach those things? Who would help you? Can you really do it?  He answered me in a very motivating way.

Questions were:

HOW? -Think of the things that really matter to you In short, get a GOAL.

How are you gonna do it?- Set up a master plan on how to reach it. NECESSARY STEPS to get it.

What could you do now in order for you to reach those things? – SKILLS, EXPERIENCES, CAPABILITY is what we all have. With these in hand we can do anything.

Who would help you? YOURSELF. In this world, Not all people are on your side unless you share the same vision as them.

Can you really do it? YES

Right there and then, as we took our last sip of coke and finished our last slice of Pizza,

I went home bearing those questions in mind.

That’s when I told myself ” THINGS HAVE GOT TO CHANGE


I hope this post will also make others to take a look at their life and see if their comfort zones are holding them down from getting the things that they wanted in life.